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Priding ourselves on reputation gained from years of quality service, here are some Business Leads UK client reviews about the telemarketing work we have done for them, and the partnerships we have created.

Business Leads UK have transformed the way we do business. They take care to understand our needs and have made themselves an integral part of what we do.

Anita Burke. AGB Risk Control Services

I have used Business Leads UK for a number of years and always found them to be professional, helpful and consistent. They deliver good quality business leads. Brilliant!

Mark Wedgbury. Ault Insurance Brokers

We have run hundreds of QR code events and have used Business Leads UK in various partnerships with car dealerships across the UK which have delivered exceptional results. We would recommend Business Leads UK for inbound and prospecting promotions.

Motorvise (Automotive)

Their enthusiasm really comes across and the amount of work they get through in the time restraints we give them is hugely impressive. We are happy to recommend Business Leads UK to any business that cannot justify bringing in full time sales support.

Dominic Wilford. D-Air Services

Business Leads UK provided us with a great service, procuring required data quickly and efficiently and making a steady stream of calls to companies to make appointments. We would not hesitate to use Business Leads UK again should the need arise.

Wolverhampton University

Business Leads UK have played a large part in our growth. We have, and continue to be very impressed with their service. They took the time to get to know and understand our business and its strategy. I would recommend their services to any business looking for growth.

Louis Chalken. Woodward Markwell

Business Leads UK are the first telemarketing and new leads generators that have delivered on their promises, as well as fulfilling all our criteria set out to them at the beginning of our campaign. Our business continues to grow with credible appointments for new business.

Ken Hadley. A & E Services

I have worked with Business Leads UK for many years. They help us to formalise our prospecting activity and to implement the Acquire database system. They have booked regular new business appointments which have turned into written business.

Neil Willies. Neil Willies Insurance Brokers

Business Leads UK have made a significant impact on the way we look at ourselves and present our company to the wider business community.

Sean Bullman. Lyn Oakes